Hire a songwriter to write your lyrics and compose your rhythm

A songwriter is somebody who professionally and expertly composes, writes, or creates songs on a singer's behalf. They can be asked to produce lyrics, melodies, hooks, or even full compositions. Most songwriters focus on one part of songwriting and team up with other singer-songwriters to enhance their skills and work performance.

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How Can Our Lyric Songwriters for Hire Help You?

Our songwriters for hire specialize in vocal production, beat making, collaboration, and of course, lyric writing. If you're USA based, look no further than us to avail the following services:


Lyric Writing

we enjoy composing songs as much as you do. Our song ghost writers for hire can contribute to any complete or incomplete lyrics, poetry, or musical ideas you may have. Alternatively, you can provide us with an entire book of lyrics, and we can help you with the official release of your tune. With us, you have access to an entire staff of lyricists to collaborate with.


Lyric Editing

Our song ghost writers have a solid grasp of music, poetry, and lyrics fundamentals. They make clever use of the allotted time and do a deep music analysis prewriting a song. Because of having a wealth of experience in songwriting, recording, and video production, they have worked for the music, television, theatre and film industries.


Songs Hook Writing Service

If you want the best song written professionally to appeal to your target audience, you've come to the right place. Use our songwriting hooks application to send your ideas for possible inclusion in future songs.


Mixing and Vocal Tuning

We work with global clients, write lyrics for all kinds of songs, and harmonize their new lyrics with old tunes. Please elaborate on what you want; our professional songwriters for hire can steer you in the right direction. We guarantee that the product you will receive is top-end, artistic, and emotionally inviting.

Hire the Best Songwriters in the United States

At USA Book Writers, our professional lyricists work tirelessly to unite the worlds of technology and songwriting. We employ effective methods to exhibit something original, rich in emotions and melodious. Songwriting is the most subtle art form, and we strive to pen lyrics that serve their primary goal and explain the song's life cycle. We keep the composer well-informed throughout the process.

Expert in writing perfect lyrics

Our company uses seasoned ghost writers for songs to assist you with writing a song - from the initial song structuring to arranging and finishing the song. The goal is to consistently deliver outstanding customer service when you choose us to hire a freelance songwriter.



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You cannot quote the song lyric in writing without the permission of the owner. Hence, the writer first seeks permission from the owner to quote lyrics in writing.
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Song titles should be in quotation marks. However, it must be influential and exciting.
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The song writer cost depends on your song style, subject, and nature.

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